[ZPT] ZPT and plain-text or CSS

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 20:14:50 +0100

Jon Edwards writes:
 > ...
 > tal:condition="here/ttw_style_editing|default">#FFFFFF</x>
This works differently as you expect:

     the path "a|b" yields "b" only, if the evaluation of "a"
     results in an exception (of some sort). If "a" evaluates
     to "None" (as in your case), "a|b" evaluates to "None".

 > ....
 > 1. When I Browse HTML source, all the tal tags are still there. Is there any
 > way to hide them so people pulling the .css with WebDAV/FTP won't see them?
 > I tried the Omit-tag, but it doesn't seem to affect source?
With WebDAV, you could just not expose the source port.

I see no way, that you could FTP convince not to show the source
but the rendered result. Maybe, you disable FTP,