[ZPT] Delay Cooking patch

Steve Drees drees@rangebroadband.com
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 14:27:15 -0600

:: copied from http://www.dieter.handshake.de/pyprojects/zope/#bct_sec_5.4
Before a ZPT can be used, it must be cooked. Cooking essentially means
parsing the template and transforming it into an internal object.

The current ZPT implementation performs cooking immediately when the ZPT is
loaded from the ZODB. This may become a problem, as cooking may take a long
time. For example, if you have a folder with lots of ZPT's and the folder
get displays in the left frame of the ZMI for the first time, then all
contained ZPT's are loaded. It can take minutes before the tree display is
finally build.
:: end copy ::


Has this patch been rolled into the latest zpt?

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