[ZPT] ZPT and plain-text or CSS

Jon Edwards jon@pcgs.freeserve.co.uk
Sat, 19 Jan 2002 15:29:22 -0000

Thanks Evan and Dieter for correcting my misunderstandings!

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> From: Evan Simpson [mailto:evan@zope.com]

> I don't understand this.

I'm re-writing our (CMF-based) CMS from DTML to ZPT. In the previous
version, the stylesheet was a DTML method that looked at stored properties
to get the settings for different styles, e.g. -

background-color: <dtml-var bgcolor-setting>

- so site-managers could change those values through a form, to edit their
site's colour-scheme. That was great for most users, but now we have several
Dreamweaver users who want to use DW for editing both layout and CSS.

We're running a hosting-service for Healthcare orgs in the UK, so I'm trying
to simplify my admin work, by having a setting so that when I create a new
site, I can just set a property that determines whether they're editing the
colour-scheme/stylesheet with TTW forms, or with DW.

I was hoping I could have one stylesheet per site that would serve both
needs. But after everyone's feedback, I think I'm better having two - one
with the DTML-var's for TTW editing, and one that's just plain text for DW

Hope that makes sense, and thanks again for the help!

Cheers, Jon

Jon Edwards
Pricom Ltd