[ZPT] Re: [Zope-CMF] Disable default Mcros Expand in ZPT...

Shane Hathaway shane@zope.com
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 15:08:52 -0500

(Sorry if you got this twice.)

seb bacon wrote:

 > Call me an old curmudgeon, but I still don't buy the idea that expanded
 > macros are of use to anybody.  For example, designers using GoLive can't
 > know if they're editing a piece of macro code or a piece of inline code,
 > so they will frequently make changes and then get upset when the changes
 > don't get saved.
 > More likely, I'm missing some kind of fundamental point here...?

The whole story could work if there were some tag or attribute we could
insert into the page that tells WYSIWYG editors that a certain portion
of the page is not editable.  Dreamweaver, I hear, has a "library"
functionality that prevents you from accidentally changing library
elements inserted on a page.  If we could make use of that, you'd
finally see how ZPT was designed to work. :-)

I just found this page via Google:


It describes the BeginLibraryItem comment-tag.  Someone with Dreamweaver
should try inserting tags like this in pages and see how it behaves when
editing them (especially if the library item name points to a URL or is