[ZPT] Re: [Zope-CMF] Disable default Mcros Expand in ZPT...

Janko Hauser jhauser@ifm.uni-kiel.de
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 21:46:53 +0100

Shane Hathaway writes:
 > The whole story could work if there were some tag or attribute we could
 > insert into the page that tells WYSIWYG editors that a certain portion
 > of the page is not editable.  Dreamweaver, I hear, has a "library"
 > functionality that prevents you from accidentally changing library
 > elements inserted on a page.  If we could make use of that, you'd
 > finally see how ZPT was designed to work. :-)

I must say, that this shows, that the selling points of ZPT are not
communicated right. The idea to have a page, where designers and
programmers can interact is flawed, with the current ZPT we have.

My limited experience with one converted project shows, that ZPT are
very hygienic, which comes with a lot of PythonScripts and smaller
bits of DTML-code inserted into the page, which now directs us to
put these methods into a product. Additionally it's nice to use a
html-editor, which can work with the markup structure. But all this
does not help with the interaction with designers. Perhaps a better
way to look at is the use of some graphical XML tools. Does someone
know some good examples of these? (folding, validating, etc), I mean
besides xemacs :-).