[ZPT] Re: [Zope-CMF] Disable default Mcros Expand in ZPT...

seb bacon seb@jamkit.com
21 Jan 2002 17:52:10 +0000

On Mon, 2002-01-21 at 15:54, Tres Seaver wrote:
> ycheng wrote:
> > As trying CMF 1.2 with zope 2.5b4, I found that the default setting
> > of ZPT about macro expand make the zpt page much harder for programmer
> > to modify, and it's seem to hard to unexpand the macro.
> > 
> > So, will it be better not to expand the macros in the default behavior..
> I agree that this is an annoying issue for those of us who
> deal with the ZPT as source;  unfortunately, ZPT is designed
> for people who use it as WYSIAYG, too, and macro expansion is
> essential for them.

Call me an old curmudgeon, but I still don't buy the idea that expanded
macros are of use to anybody.  For example, designers using GoLive can't
know if they're editing a piece of macro code or a piece of inline code,
so they will frequently make changes and then get upset when the changes
don't get saved.

More likely, I'm missing some kind of fundamental point here...?


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