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Ron Bickers rbickers-dated-1012319356.f4f10e@logicetc.com
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 10:49:15 -0500

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> > So, will it be better not to expand the macros in the default behavior..
> I agree that this is an annoying issue for those of us who
> deal with the ZPT as source;  unfortunately, ZPT is designed
> for people who use it as WYSIAYG, too, and macro expansion is
> essential for them.

I wouldn't say "essential".  I use Dreamweaver and still prefer the
expansion to be off.  I still get all the features I need from DW, just
without the clutter of the expanded macro showing.  I prefer to show in my
editor only that which I should be editing.

Note that you can set 'expand = 0' under 'class PageTemplate' in
PageTemplate.py to turn off the default expansion for newly created ZPTs.
It's a pain when you forget at the next upgrade, but it works for now.

Ron Bickers
Logic Etc, Inc.

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