[ZPT] How to translate <dtml-call MyMethod> to ZPT

Damir Bartakovic damir@stud.fbi.fh-darmstadt.de
Wed, 23 Jan 2002 17:38:09 +0100 (CET)

Hi there once again,

First thanks Richard for the tip with the "structure" option.

Now I have another small problem.
I want to replace following dtml with ZPT.

<dtml-if "submit=='Insert'">
   <dtml-call "InsertMethod(REQUEST)">
   Your data was inserted!

The dtml-if part seems to work with:

<div tal:define="submit request/form/submit">
  <div tal:condition="python: submit !='Insert'">
    Your data was inserted!

but how to call the SQL-Method from ZPT?
I don't think one of the tal statements are meant for that.
(define, attributes, condition, content, replace, repeat, on-error,

Best regards