[ZPT] Batch 3 of CMA starts on Jan 15

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Fri Dec 10 02:59:01 EST 2004

The very successful Certified Management Accountant program will begin its 3rd batch on January 15 thru to April 9, 2005. The format remains the same with half-day sessions every Saturday except for the 1st and last meetings. The investment for this great program remains at Pesos 75,000.00 per participant.

Here is what one of our successful participants has to say on the program:

"The training course that I went through in order to be accredited allowed me to gain new insights and perspectives in strategic management and understanding the story behind the barrage of financial and non financial data that I come across with on a daily basis. The training provided me with vital tools needed to reach the pinnacle of the corporate ladder."

Florante Garcia Jr.
Chief Financial Officer
HSBC Savings Bank

A few slots and easy payment programs are still available. For more information please see our website at http://www.rmpconsultancy.com or email me at cma at rmpconsultancy.com.

Best regards,

Raffy Pefianco

cel 0918-937 3455

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