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Welcome to the 97th Canton Fair held in Guangzhou, China!

Firstly, please permit us to give a brief introduction about us. We, China Exports Search, co-operate with thousands of China suppliers involving various of fields. Our services are mainly followings:
1. Be your purchasing agent in China:
We provide services as below:
A. Purchase and order service:
1) search goods for customer or assist customer to purchase goods from factory and market.
2) follow production schedule.
3) inspect service.
4) warehouse service.
B. Export service:
We arrange all the necessary procedures and prepare the export documents concerned.
C. Shipping service:
According to customer request, we book shipping space and arrange shipment.
2. Organize suppliers who manufacture the products you want to purchase when you are buying in China.
You are welcome to negotiate the items we mentioned above with us if you attend the 97th  Canton Fair.
Thank you and best regards,
David Zhou
China Exports Search
Tel: 86-760-6955562
Fax: 86-760-2212091
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