[Zug-sig] First post... :^)

Luciano Ramalho luciano at ramalho.org
Tue Jul 17 11:05:08 EDT 2007

> I was suggesting a database of sorts of people that are
> willing to make presetations on certain topics.  I was
> not suggesting that the foundation would subsidize
> travel expenses.

Yes, such a database would be very useful.

As for subsidizing travel expenses for the speakers, in the case of
developing countries you could consider that as an investment in the
growth of the local communities which can provide professional
services at lower costs to Zope users worldwide. Good Zope developers
are always scarce. But Canonical, Enfold Systems and Plone Solutions
currently employ several Brazilians who live here but telecommute to
do top-notch development work for them.

Regarding the hosting, I am not sure that would be as useful. The
hosting needs of the ZUGs themselves are usually modest, and can be
easily provided locally.

A more robust hosting infrastructure would be needed if a ZUG were to
sell hosting services to its constituency, but I don't think that is a
good idea, as it is outside the usual scope of a ZUG and would compete
with private hosting providers with whom we should be partnering, and
not competing. In fact, hosting a ZUG site is a very good way for a
hosting provider to get it's feet wet in Zope hosting.

I hope I did not misunderstood the intention of your "shared hosting
infrastructure" suggestion. Correct me if I am wrong.



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