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Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Mon Nov 12 16:43:36 EST 2007

The following does not include Python User Groups with varying degrees 
of fondness/tolerance for the mention of Zope at a meeting. If a Python 
group is included below, it is because it is Zope- or Plone-centric. A 
new Python UG starts up about weekly.

Also, there is this page at zope.org:


which does not appear to be editable by ordinary community members. Argh!

TriZPUG (Triangle North Carolina) - Chris Calloway cbc the at sign unc 
the dot mark edu

ZPUGDC formerly DCPiggies (Washington DC) - Alex Clark aclark the at 
sign aclark the dot mark net

CZPUG (State College, PA) - Kevin Kalupson plone the at sign kevinkal 
the dot mark com (This group was recently started. It was started 
because there is a very active Plone group at Penn State called WebLion, 
but that group only works on Penn State related projects during business 
hours. But you should also add Erik Rose ErikRose the at sign psu the 
dot mark edu to your contacts.)

CharPy (Charlotte, NC) - Chris Emery chris.emery at cpcc the dot mark 
edu OR Calvin Spealman  ironfroggy the at sign gmail the dot mark com OR 
Jeff Gayle jrgayle the at sign gmail the dot mark com

University of Louisville Plone People (Louisville, KY) - Keven Batman 
kevin.batman the at sign louisville the dot mark edu

SF Plone Lounge/Baypiggies (San Fransisco) - Donna Snow donnamsnow the 
at sign gmail the dot mark com

Denver Plone UG (Denver CO) - Dayne Medlyn fezzik the at sign medlyn the 
dot mark com

Portland Plone Gathering (Portland, OR) - Darci Hanning darci.hanning 
the at sign state the dot mark or.us

Seattle Plon Gathering (Seattle, WA) - Brian Gershon briang the at sign 
webcollective the dot mark coop

Austin Plone UG (Austin, TX) - Alysia Korelc akorelc the at sign gmail 
the dot mark com

Davis Plone UG (Davis, CA) - Steve McMahon steve the at sign reidmcmahon 
the dot mark com OR steve at dcn the dot mark org

Plone San Diego (San Diego, CA) - Robert Edmonston bob at sign inzan the 
dot mark com

Berkeley Plone (Berkeley, CA) - Aleksandr Vladimirskiy aleksandrv the at 
sign berkeley the dot mark edu

UCLA Plone (Los Angeles, CA) - Mike Takahashi mike the at sign 
takadesigns the dot mark com

TCZPUG (Minneapolis, MN) - Jack Ungerleider jack the at sign jacku the 
dot mark com

Arizona ZUG (Phoenix, AZ) - Matt Howell (ex officio) mhowell the at sign 
matticus the dot mark com OR mhowell the at sign delmardb the dot mark 
com com (A new Phoenix Python group started very recently but I can't 
find my notes on it.)

India ZPUG (very active) - Sreekanth S Rameshaiah sree the at sign 
mahiti the dot mark org

ZUG Switzerland (kinda dead but zopepaul has been a guest) - http://zope.ch/

Bangalore ZPUG (kinda dead) - venu the at sign zeomega the dot mark com

Plone Russia - Mikhail Kashkin m the at sign keysolutions the dot mark ru

Russian Speaking ZPUG - http://zope.net.ru/

Someone who is highly motivated to get Zope users in Utah together, but 
he's in Salt Lake and most of the Zopers are in Southern Utah: Dave 
Adams dave.adams the at sign path the dot mark utah.edu

Plone Cono Sur (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay) - Roberto 
Allende rover the at sign menttes the dot mark com

Ukraine ZUG (Lviv, Ukraine) - Ihor Berehulyak ihor.berehulyak the at 
sign gmail the dot mark com

Deutschsprachigen Zope User Group (Munich - the most active group in the 
world) -  Christian Theune email the at sign dzug the dot mark org

China ZUG (Shanghai) - Pan Junyong panjy the at sign zopen the dot mark cn

Association Francophone Python (Zope-centric) - David Sapiro david the 
at sign pilotsystems the dot mark net

Los Angeles ZUG - Andrew Ho, MD aho the at sign ucla the dot mark edu

Plone Users Wessex (Bristol/Bath, UK) - Matt Hamilton matth the at sign 
netsight the dot mark co.uk

Associazione Zope Italia - #zope-it on irc.freenode.net

New Zealand ZUG (Auckland) - Tim Knapp duffyd the at sign kokorice the 
dot mark org

This is also interesting:



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