[Zug-sig] Self-introduction

Maik Ihde mail at ihde.info
Tue Nov 13 02:09:15 EST 2007

Hello Everybody,

>> Deutschsprachigen Zope User Group (Munich - the most active group in the
>> world) -  Christian Theune email the at sign dzug the dot mark org

Well, actually the DZUG e.V. "Headquarter" is based at Halle, the Deutschsprachige (German-speaking) Zope User Group is spread all over Germany, and Austria and Switzerland are also close. We do have regional Groups here in Germany, e.g. in Berlin and Munich (which are 2 very active local groups).

Thanks to Jens for Pointing this List to us in Germany, of course we (DZUG) will be happy to participate here. At least I do, but I guess I am not the only one. ;)

Just to introduce myself: I have been around DZUG and Zope since 2001, and am one of the Guys who were involved in creating the DZUG e.V. here in Germany and also a board member. I am currently working at F.A.S.T. GmbH in Munich as a Sysadmin and hopefully in the near future will be able to do spome Zope-related Projects here as well.

Kind Regards from Germany!

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