[Zug-sig] Self-introduction

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Nov 13 13:16:42 EST 2007

Luciano Ramalho wrote:
> Chris, thanks a lot for that comprehensive list. I am curious to know
> wether you compiled it yourself or what is it's source.


Good to hear from you after meeting you again in Naples.

I compiled it myself from many sources, including sleuthing zope.org, 
plone.org, many mailing lists, Yahoo groups, Google groups, and just my 
personal contacts from meeting people at TriZPUG organized boot camps. 
Some are people I've only talked to on IRC or email to help them with 
struggling to set up a ZPUG. It wasn't meant to be comprehensive; just 
what I could find in a given amount of time and not repeating names I 
knew Tres already had. I would say it was a haphazard list meant to help 
Tres. In some cases I had to make educated guesses where exact contact 
names aren't prominently disclosed on web sites or email lists. I know 
how that is because TriZPUG practices a "leaderless" structure.

It was very neglectful of me to miss http://Tchezope.org because I am 
familiar with your very important Portuguese Plone documentation. In 
fact, I was just looking at Tchezope last week because of an unrelated 
matter. Doh! Anyway, I'm just hoping someday soon I'll be going to a 
Plone Conference in your neck of the woods.


Chris Calloway
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