[Zug-sig] Self-introduction

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Tue Nov 13 13:17:06 EST 2007

Tres Seaver wrote:
> Methinks Chris just came back from a big EduPlone conference, and had
> those business cards sitting on his desk. ;)

Ploneability for Education in Houston last week? Nah, I had to miss that 
one after just having gotten back from PloneCon in Naples.

I compiled that list the old fashioned way: research. Our mutual social 
capital is our most valuable asset. So it's very worth panning for.

If you want to include Python groups, let me know. There are scads of 
Python UGs which are well off the radar and which are sometimes 
peripherally interested in Zope.

But just so you know, another big Plone in Education thing is coming up 
in March:


although I think it's turning into more of a general Plone thing instead 
of just "in education."

Because I work at a university, I keep getting asked to or sucked into 
these Python/Zope/Plone "in education" or "in universities" thingies. 
But I don't work "in education" or in university administration. I work 
in research.

 > If you guys will let me know your zope.org account IDs, I will grand
 > local roles as appropriate.



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