[BlueBream] Progress Report

Christopher Lozinski lozinski at freerecruiting.com
Fri Feb 1 01:49:59 UTC 2013

I am back at work at ZTK.  Recruiting has picked up, and I need to
update my ancient website. Zope.specialtyjobmarkets.com  Zope 2 is so
broken, ZTK looks so promising.

So here is my progress report.  By writing it, it clears up my thinking,
perhaps helps others, and lays out what help I need.

Let us start with the end in mind.   So where am I going?  Well I love
the idea of Schemad particularly with its security assertions.  But in
addition to that I need to put up basic web pages.

The trouble with ZTK is that it is way too complex.  Just give me an old
Zope 2 style TTW interface, with DTML, acquisition, and python scripts
and I can put up a simple web site very very fast.
No ZCML, no security considerations, I can write, everyone else can
read.  No file system, barely any python really.  Just fast simple
website, then I can mix in schemas and tables later.
Would work great for me.

Not so easy.

DTML has been deprecated.  Jinja2 is in the newest release.   At first
glance Jinja2 looks pretty reasonable.  Much easier than Page
Templates.  And Python scripts are in the current release of
ZTK.  Perfect. 

So how do I fire up ZTK?  Not so easy.  Install it, there is nothing to
run.  Like they say you need to find a package that runs it. 

Bluebream is dead.  Grok seems like it has not been updated in a while,
so ZTFY to the rescue.

What should I do first?  Well put up a zope blog.  I can use ZTFY to do
that.  Great.  So I tried it.  Installed a new freebsd server at
rootbsd.com.   Installed python, emacs, wget, easy_install, part of
py_setuptools, and moinmoin.

Everything came up quite happily.  ZTFY came up partially, not
entirely.  Bummer.  Who cares? I can still run the ZMI, and thus do what
I need to do.

Only no Jinja2, nor python scripts.  ZTFY comes with a slightly older
version of ZTK.  Okay, well I can upgrade all of that.  I think that is
what I do tomorrow.

I never quite know what the future holds, but here is my plan. I think
what I am going to try to do to upgrade the ZTFY installation scripts,
really the .cfg files
so that they use the newest versions of ZTK, and then I should get a
ZMI, Jinja2, and pythonscripts running.  At that point I can release it
for others to use. 

If, big IF, I can get all that working, then I start working on putting
aquisition back in.

So, I guess I will bang my head on this a little longer.  I am tempted
to ask for help from a consultant, if anyone  read this far and is
interested.  Really I need a mentor, someone to speed me over the
bumps in the road.  Anyone interested?    Or just someone else to chat
with online about this stuff.  It feels so lonely over here, working on
software that very few others appear to be using. 

Christopher Lozinski

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Expect a paradigm shift.

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