[BlueBream] Progress Report

Thierry Florac thierry.florac at onf.fr
Fri Feb 1 09:04:44 UTC 2013


Just a short answer to point a few areas where you are probably wrong...

Le Thu, 31 Jan 2013 20:49:59 -0500,
  Christopher Lozinski <lozinski at freerecruiting.com> a écrit:

> The trouble with ZTK is that it is way too complex.  Just give me an
> old Zope 2 style TTW interface, with DTML, acquisition, and python
> scripts and I can put up a simple web site very very fast.
> No ZCML, no security considerations, I can write, everyone else can
> read.  No file system, barely any python really.  Just fast simple
> website, then I can mix in schemas and tables later.
> Would work great for me.
> Not so easy.

ZTK is not a CMS !
It's just an application framework above which you can write a CMS or
any kind of application, which will (eventually) mask some parts of ZTK
complexity. And above which you can plug ZopeApp packages to build an
application server.
Concerning this supposed ZTK complexity, I have to say that I'm *NOT* a
high level software engineer and I use ZTK everyday without any problem.
It's rich, it's so powerfull, but not really complicated when you
understand the main basic concepts...

> So how do I fire up ZTK?  Not so easy.  Install it, there is nothing
> to run.  Like they say you need to find a package that runs it. 

Normal, as said before ZTK are only "foundation" packages. They don't
provide any content management user interface.

> Bluebream is dead.  Grok seems like it has not been updated in a
> while, so ZTFY to the rescue.
> What should I do first?  Well put up a zope blog.  I can use ZTFY to
> do that.  Great.  So I tried it.  Installed a new freebsd server at
> rootbsd.com.   Installed python, emacs, wget, easy_install, part of
> py_setuptools, and moinmoin.
> Everything came up quite happily.  ZTFY came up partially, not
> entirely.  Bummer.  Who cares? I can still run the ZMI, and thus do
> what I need to do.
> Only no Jinja2, nor python scripts.  ZTFY comes with a slightly older
> version of ZTK.  Okay, well I can upgrade all of that.  I think that
> is what I do tomorrow.

Last ZTFY release (through ZTFY.webapp package) is based on ZTK-1.1.5,
which is the last published "known good set".
ZTFY packages is a try to build a little CMS matching **my OWN needs**.
If if also meet your needs, it's fine. If not...
And, no : ZTFY was not build for TTW development ! Mainly because
templates and scripts stored in ZODB gives you headaches, when times
come to migration...


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