[CMF-checkins] The Traffic Clinic, California Law Firm Alleges Ford SUV Defective

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The Traffic Clinic, California Law Firm Alleges Ford SUV Defective

 Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) December 4, 2007--The personal injury law
firm of Bisnar Chase, started a multi-million dollar trial today
against automotive giant Ford Motor Company. The suit alleges that Ford
knowingly manufactured and sold the Ford Expedition sport utility
vehicle (SUV) with a defective roof that collapses during rollover
accidents. The plaintiff, Gloria Levesque, was permanently paralyzed on
July 25, 2003 when the Expedition she was a passenger in swerved to
avoid a collision with a big rig and the Expedition rolled over several
times. During the rollover, the roof crushed inward, causing her
permanent head and spinal injuries. 

The auto product liability lawsuit ,
Levesque vs. Ford Motor Company, started today, December 3, 2007, in
Los Angeles Superior Court, Central District, before the Honorable
Ricardo Torres. 

"Ford Motor Company's decision to place corporate profits over the
safety of their SUV's occupants, demonstrates a callous disregard for
the safety of the people who ride in Ford SUVs," says John Bisnar,
partner and founder of the Bisnar Chase personal injury law firm. "It
is shameful that an American auto maker would willingly ignore known
catastrophic injury concerns just to improve their profits."

On the afternoon of July 25, 2003, the Ford Expedition's driver,
swerved to avoid a collision while traveling southbound on Interstate 5
in Fresno County. The driver subsequently lost control of her vehicle
which then rolled over several times. The defective roof collapsed
causing severe head and spinal injuries to passenger Gloria Levesque.

The suit alleges Ford Motor Company intentionally engaged in conduct
that exposed the plaintiff and other users of the Ford Expedition to
potentially serious, life threatening danger for its financial interest
and demonstrated a conscious disregard for consumers' safety. The
plaintiff is seeking a judgment for past and future medical expenses,
loss of earnings, and pain and suffering. 

"The defendants clearly put profit before people," says Brian Chase,
partner and the firm's chief litigator. "This is another example of an
automobile manufacturer profiting from the production of a vehicle
known to have serious and life threatening defects. For only $30, Ford
could have easily strengthened their SUV's roof structure to withstand
these types of rollover roof failures. If Ford had chosen to do so,
Gloria Levesque would be teaching at her Montessori school as she had
for the past 25 years. Instead she is unemployed, permanently disabled,
and catastrophically injured. 

The lawsuit, originally filed on November 8, 2005, centers on the
allegation that Ford manipulates the general public into believing that
large SUVs like their Expedition model, are safer compared to other
vehicles while knowing that their SUVs have one of the highest rates of
rollover injuries and deaths of any vehicle on the road today. 

Chase states, "Ford's SUVs are not built strong enough to protect the
front seat occupants from being catastrophically injured during a
rollover. They know this and have for years.

Unfortunately, Ford chose to ignore the inherent safety problems of the
Expedition including the rollover propensity and insignificant roof

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