[Grok-dev] Re: skipping modules during grokking process

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed Apr 25 10:12:05 EDT 2007

Kevin Teague wrote:
>> Perhaps some generalization of this system is possible, though I'm not 
>> sure whether that's desirable at this stage. Do we have other use 
>> cases for skipping modules besides testing? Perhaps it occurs when we 
>> have multiple testing layers?
> When I edited Grok code over NFS on a Linux server from my Mac OS X 
> laptop, the Mac creates ._ files that mirror all of the files I edit. 
> For example:
> mygrokapp/
>   foo.py
>   ._foo.py
> I've worked around this at my work environment with wrapper scripts that 
> remove these files before starting Zope otherwise Grok gets confused. 
> There is no way to disable this functionality on the Mac. It would be 
> great if Grok could just ignore files beginning with ._ or perhaps just 
> files that begin with ._ that mirror other files of the same name, does 
> anyone name python modules starting with ._?

I thought we already skipped files starting with a dot. Can you put this 
as a bug on launchpad?

You could also make a feature request on launchpad to make this pattern 
configurable somehow, as we can't anticipate all things.

>> Incidentally, I tried to post this to the blueprint section on 
>> launchpad. For longer descriptions we should be using a wiki page. I 
>> understand launchpad itself does not offer such a wiki. Do we have a 
>> wiki area somewhere we can use for grok proposals?
> Yes, the launchpad blueprint are feels quite spartan. We have the stock 
> Plone 2.5.2 install available on g.z.o. We could use that and install 
> Wicked if we want Wiki style linking.
> http://plone.org/products/wicked/

We could also just claim a section on wiki.zope.org. This has my 
preference because it's already there and maintained. Perhaps even we 
actually have such a section and I missed it. :)



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