[Grok-dev] Pushing for 1.0

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 05:31:05 EST 2007


It's been a little quiet on the Grok-development-front lately. That's no 
criticism(!), we're all very busy and I think most of the features that 
you would want from Grok are there and working great - I know it is for me!

In other words, I think it would be very good to see if we can start the 
new year with a 1.0 release of Grok!

Personally, I think I can spend some time on this in the second week of 

How do others think about this?

What kind of issues do you think we really should address before going 1.0?

Do you think working on the release in the second and/or third week of 
January is realistic planning?

What features are currently still in flux and who needs help from whom 
to get the features implemented and merged? (I"m specifically thinking 
about improvements in the grokproject-area now, though I know it is not 
strictly tied to Grok itself).

What features should be implemented after 1.0? We can easily aim for a 
1.1 shortly after 1.0, since the minor release are usually a bit easier 
to do.


Kind regards,

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