[Grok-dev] megrok.yui released

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue Aug 12 13:45:53 EDT 2008


Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
> Jasper Spaans wrote:
>> Op 7 aug 2008, om 19:08 heeft Martijn Faassen het volgende geschreven:
>>> Today I've wrapped up and released megrok.yui. This is a packaging  
>>> of the YUI javascript and CSS library for easy installation into a  
>>> Grok application. It uses megrok.resourcelibrary. To install  
>>> megrok.yui, simply add this in the dependencies to your setup.py and  
>>> rerun buildout.
>> I'm trying to use megrok.yui, but can't get it to work in my grok-0.13  
>> application: I added megrok.yui as a dependency, ran buildout and then  
>> modified the page templates like this:
>> -    <script type="text/javascript" tal:attributes="src static/yui/ 
>> build/yahoo/yahoo.js"></script>
>> +    <script type="text/javascript" tal:attributes="src context/@@/YUI/ 
>> yahoo/yahoo.js"></script>
>> This somehow makes my pages disappear; is something wrong with that  
>> path or should I do something else to make this work?
> I had a similar problem with megrok.tinymce.
> I'm now using
> 	<script type="text/javascript" tal:attributes="src
> 		string:${view/application_url}/@@/TinyMCE/tiny_mce.js">
> as a workaround to get the the js loaded.

That's odd as well!

> I am still not sure why
> 	TinyMCE.need()
> does not work as expected or why

This doesn't work as expected as megrok.tinymce doesn't actually declare 
any files it needs directly. I started thinking about doing so, but then 
tiny_mce.js isn't the only resource that it declares; there is also a 
tiny_mce_popup.js and the source version, tiny_mce_src.js. This scared 
me into not defining any policy at all, but this is of course not right 

In my reply to Jasper earlier I talked about some possible new 
implementation of resource requirements which could allow such cases.

When I started to realize all this stuff I sort of stopped dead in my 

> 	<tal:block replace="resource_library:TinyMCE"/>
> throws an error
>   	<class 'zope.tal.taldefs.TALError'>: Unrecognized expression type 
> "resource_library". in expression u'resource_library:TinyMCE', at line ...

This one is mysterious to me as well, and seems unrelated to the 
TinyMCE.need() problem above. I could see this as a symptom of the 
zc.rseourcelibrary ZCML not being loaded somehow and thus not 
registering the expression...

(though fixing this error would still not result in TinyMCE being loaded)



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