[Grok-dev] Re: the projects in progress

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu Feb 21 08:25:35 EST 2008

Hi Martijn,

> z3c.autoinclude
> ---------------
> Also at the Snow Sprint, myself, Robert Marianski and Ethan Jucovy 
> worked on z3c.autoinclude. We had this code checked into an external 
> OpenPlans SVN previously, but Robert got himself commit rights after the 
> sprint and migrated it into svn.zope.org. Thanks Robert!
> This provides a <autoinclude package="." /> directive you can place in 
> your packages. After this, in most cases, you can forget about having to 
> do <include ..> statements for your package's dependencies ever again. 
> We need to:
> * make grokproject produce this <autoinclude ..> bit automatically when 
> creating a new project.
> * provide some documentation for this, including how to adjust your 
> current projects to use this (add the aforementioned line), and 
> something about what to do if it doesn't work (use additional manual 
> includes).
> * make Grok depend on z3c.autoinclude in its setup.py
> I think again this isn't much work. Do we have volunteers?
> I'm going to test this code in my own project. We can also investigate 
> whether Grok can use it itself for its own dependencies, which should 
> make Grok's maintenance a bit easier.

Please also see my note about "Salt". No-one's replied to that one yet, 
but I think there's a lot of room for collaboration there.


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