[Grok-dev] Re: ANN: New Grok Powered Website

Kevin Smith kevin at mcweekly.com
Thu Feb 21 17:58:14 EST 2008

Hi Martin,

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
>> I am pleased to announce the new http://www.montereycountyweekly.com 
>> site powered by Grok/Zope3. It was soft-launched early December. The 
>> site took approx. 8-9 months to build (5 months on the public face 
>> and 3-4 months on the back end), has over 35,000+ pages (as indexed 
>> by Google) and according to sloccount is composed of 15,430 lines of 
>> python code.
> Congratulations! The site looks really good! :-)

Thanks. I worked really closely with the designer guy. ;)

> Is there a "sites using Grok" area on grok.zope.org? It'd be nice to 
> get this up there, if you'll agree.

Yes, if so, please list.

>> Biggest hurdles: lack of export/import, moving large data sets, lack 
>> of docs/examples (at the time), lack of layers and viewlets, Catalog 
>> scaling limitations, lack of respect to how long it takes to build a 
>> custom CMS from ground up, zc.buildout
>> Biggest helpers: GROK SMASH ZCML, grok.View, hurry.query, groklets, a 
>> renewed respect for ZPT's especially macros, Martijn's sense of 
>> humor, Philipp's book, emacs, screen, open source in general, 
>> zc.buildout
> Thanks for this list - I think it's it's very important that we 
> capture these things.
> I'm curious as to what the hurdles and helpers with zc.buildout were?

Early last year there were alot of problems getting the right eggs that 
worked together and resulted in broken buildouts. This has been solved 
and is why it's also one of my biggest helpers.

> I'm also curious why you chose to write a CMS from scratch rather than 
> use an existing one?

Good question. I've tried many a CMS. Having done so, I should have 
known better than boasting a CMS. It doesn't really have one.

IMO a CMS  allows average users to add, update and manage content in a 
consistent and accessible manner. The back end here in this project is 
for power users entering highly specialized content using large data 
sets. Productivity over portability.

There were a number of issues I've ran into in the past with other 
frameworks and CMS's in general and specifically. Inefficient data entry 
when handling large datasets. Poor scaling of search indexes to the 
point of near failure. "Fighting the framework" when trying to change a 
fundamental behaviour. Unacceptable RPS. Hours lost trying to 
understanding  the sometimes complex interactions of skins, layers, 
templates, styles, and layout. Inablility to adapt and evolve.

Also,  because I am spoiled rotten by Grok. :)

That said, right tool for the right job. I'm open to using a python powered 
CMS for the right project.

> Cheers,
> Martin

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