[Grok-dev] z3c.testsetup released

Peter Bengtsson peter at fry-it.com
Thu Feb 21 19:00:38 EST 2008

Ah! No! I installed it for a grokproject that I wanted to write some
tests for. AFTER that, when I went back to doing some some zope 2 work
on a completely different project my eggs had changed so much that it

By the help and inspiration of some very helpful souls on the #zope
irc I got into virtualenv so from now on all my zope2 projects are
going to be virtual environments. I've also "restarted" my
easy-install by deleting all zope.* and z3c.* eggs from the "system
python" and keep the system python pure as if I was just another linux
user who doesn't do any web development in zope2, grok and django.

So I solved a problem by going way around it.
My initial question about importing my grok app in z3c.testsetup still
stands and it would be greatly appreciated if you can help me get
going with z3c.testsetup and let's from now on assume that I've got my
environment right.

On 21/02/2008, Uli Fouquet <uli at gnufix.de> wrote:
> Hi Peter,
>  first of all thanks for trying the package! Every bug report is very
>  welcome!
>  Peter Bengtsson wrote:
>  > When I installed z3c.testsetup it broke my Zope 2.9.8, 2.8.5 (and all
>  > other ones I haven't tested yet).
> The versions you mention are all 'Zope 2'. I haven't tested yet with any
>  Zope 2 stuff, but I'm pretty sure, there will be problems with it.
>  Apparently this is the case.
>  I am not sure, but read somewhere, that z3c packages like
>  'z3c.testsetup' stand for 'Zope 3 Community' stuff (not: Zope 2
>  community stuff). So I saw no need to check for Zope 2 compatibility.
>  Anyway, I should make that point clear in the docs and eventually try to
>  enable Zope 2 support. At least I will change 'Zope' to 'Zope 3' in the
>  docs.
>  BTW: have you tested with Zope 2.10?
>  > I first installed z3c.testsetup like this:
>  > $ sudo easy_install-2.4 z3c.testsetup
>  >
>  > And then later realised that I can do it with setup.py in a project with
>  > buildout.
> Yes, that's the recommended way. It's also the only way described in the
>  docs. With buildout it's easy to install testrunners, that do not come
>  with z3c.testsetup. I'll explain that in an upcoming mail.
>  > Here's the traceback now in Zope 2.9.8::
> [snip]
>  I currently would like to make the package robust enough for usage with
>  Zope 3. After that I might ensure Zope 2 compatibility, but this too
>  will cover only Zope versions >= 2.10. Although I'm not too much into
>  Zope 2, I guess your problem depends on the dummy zcml files that come
>  with z3c.testsetup.
>  Kind regards,
>  --
> Uli

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