[Grok-dev] No-ZCML story

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Aug 6 13:09:22 EDT 2009

Christian Theune wrote:
> Hi,
> I just wondered: is there a wish to get rid of the small ZCML part that 
> we need?
> I just realized that we could use entry points to automatically grok stuff.

It's a good question. I think a combination of z3c.autoinclude and entry 
points might indeed do the trick.

Grok uses ZCML in some ways:

* to support existing ZTK libraries that use ZCML

* to bootstrap its own grok ZCML directive

* to indicate what's meta and what's normal configuration

* to do inclusions of dependent configuration (though z3c.autoinclude 
automates this).

* you can actually do explicit overrides of grokked stuff with the right 
inclusion structure.

I don't think the small ZCML files that are around are doing us much 
harm right now, so I'm not in any hurry to remove them. Removing it will 
mean work we might better focus elsewhere. But if you want to 
experiment, please be my guest!



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