[Grok-dev] ZTK and zopeapp

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue Dec 29 19:04:16 EST 2009

Hi there,

We're aiming to use the ZTK with Grok 1.1.

There have been some shifts in the ZTK recently. The ZTK project used to 
maintain a list of zope.app.* packages known to work with the rest of 
the ZTK, though these packages were "under review".

Recent improvements to the dependency structure of the ZTK have allowed 
the possibility to entirely remove the zope.app packages from the ZTK. 
Then we had a discussion on how to manage the transition for people 
coming off the Zope 3.4 KGS (summarizing a big flamewar I started).

What I hope we will end up with are two lists:

* the small ZTK list, not including zope.app. We should strive to make 
grokcore.* packages work with this list.

* the zopeapp list, tested with the ZTK list. This list is hopefully 
useful to help us transition Grok 1.0 users to Grok 1.1.

What does that mean for Grok?

We should investigate whether we can come up with a Grok 1.1 that 
doesn't depend on the zopeapp list but only on the ZTK list. I.e. a Grok 
that itself doesn't use any zope.app. packages. If this is possible, 
grokproject should for 1.1 projects not include anything but the ZTK list.

The zopeapp list we can supply to those who need to upgrade an existing 
Grok-based project to Grok 1.1. People can include this list in their 
buildouts temporarily, until they can rewrite their code not to import 
from zope.app anymore.



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