[Grok-dev] Is the Grok Tutorial completed?

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Fri Jan 30 03:48:47 EST 2009

I made a prototype for an ERP-system based on Grok. I used Zodb for  
documents and an rdb-backend for transactions (each line in an order  
would create a transaction in the RDB). This way you can have the  
benefits of a rich data model in Zodb and then do all the transaction  
analysis and reporting with the RDB.

Anyway, stuff you will want to look into is hurry.workflow,  
hurry.query and an ORM (what the sate of ORM in Grok is right now I am  
not sure about, but I used the StormContainer in my prototype because  
it was easy to get running).

The Zodb has been around for ten years and it is very solid. However,  
it lacks some generic data management and reporting tools. Keep that  
in mind. I would never do a project without the Zodb, but I am  
prepared to create data import/export/reporting myself. Combining the  
Zodb and an RDB I think gives the best of both worlds.

Mvh Sebastian

30 jan 2009 kl. 01.35 skrev geoHUZ:

> I just finished reading of Grok Tutorial, so far so good. I noticed  
> there are
> several places with lines like "This will be discussed in a later  
> section.
> XXX",  so I presume it's not a complete tutorial. I'm quite a newbie  
> to Grok
> (with experience in Python and Plone with some basic - medium  
> skills) and I
> really want to know what are the steps I'm supposed to follow? I'm now
> starting to read Developer's Notes which gives me more detail  
> information on
> concepts and the big view of Grok. I'm planning to use Grok to build  
> a web
> application which is NOT such a "content management" type system,  
> instead,
> it will be a business management application running orders and
> transactions.  I believe Grok is not limited in developing a content
> management system and if I really want such kind of system, Plone is  
> a more
> nature way to go (But they are fundamentally in the same root  
> anyway).  So,
> I would like to see some information and examples of doing that.  
> Another
> thing is about ZODB, I'm not sure if it's ok to use it as the back end
> database rather than the relational one. Since I have no experience of
> developing a transactional system with a pure object DB, I really  
> want to
> see topics about it.
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