[Grok-dev] Grok deployment story unclear and weird

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Wed May 20 15:08:24 EDT 2009


Andreas Jung wrote:
> I am currently totally clueless and confused about the
> deployment story with Grok apps.
> As developer I can create my sandbox using grokproject and implement
> my_weird_package based on the generated skeleton. Ok, the application
> is working - now I want to package and distribute my_weird_package.
> What is the suggested approach for doing this?

The state of the art is to place the tgz for your app somewhere, and 
install your application using a buildout.cfg (that has a find-links). 
You could then of course configure an apache front-end as usual.

As Laurence also mentions, I'd like there to be some way to easily 
deploy to any WSGI server. I'd like a command-line tool to help me do 
this. Grok since 1.0a does work with WSGI. zc.sourcerelease could be in 
the mix somewhere for packaging up the Grok app.

This might also be interesting in this area:


> As a Grok user I want to setup a new Grok server and install
> my_weird_package
> (possibly together with other Grok apps within the Grok instance). As an
> experienced
> Grok user I would use grokproject for creating an empty instance and install
> my_weird_package in some way (in which way?). As a newbie Grok user I would
> expect 'easy_install my_weird_package' to produce a running Grok instance!?

There is no story for that yet. I'd think as a newbie I might not expect 
easy_install either - typical server applications expect a few database 
files and config files, after all.



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