[Grok-dev] grok 1.1alpha release preps

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 15:49:25 EST 2009

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman wrote:
> Hi,
> Thanks to the efforts of Souheil and Michael we already close to the 
> possibility of release a Grok version based on the ZTK.
> Just now we discussed the steps on #grok. This is what we think:
> * There now is a grokcore.view 1.13 *branch* based on the latest 
> release, with ZTK support applied. This branch will be used to release a 
> 1.13alpha from.
> * This grokcore.view 1.13alpha can then be listed in Grok's versions.cfg.
> * Grok's grokdocs is in the process of being updated to ZTK as well.

These steps have now been taken. grokcore.view 1.13a1 has been released 
and this version is listed in grok's versions.cfg and the svn:external 
has been lifted.

> * After that we can release grok 1.1alpha.

Principally we can now indeed.

I have an issue though:

Grok (and the grokcore.* family too probably) contains still quite some 
imports from "deprecated" packages. For example from zope.app.container, 
zope.app.folder, zope.app.intids, etc. etc.

In my opinion we should try to get rid of these "deprecated" imports.

Questions (again):

1) Do people think we should try to get rid of these imports for the 1.1 
release? Personally I would like to...

2) To what extend could changing these imports (and thus potentially 
lifting dependencies) have repercussions on persistent objects? We 
should be careful I guess about this.


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