[Grok-dev] Gathering feedbacks

Souheil CHELFOUH trollfot at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 03:37:55 EST 2010

Hello grokkers,

I have been working for month on packages for Grok and I very rarely
get feedbacks.
Actually, I've been asking for it and got almost none. I know it can
be cumbersome to take the time and write constructive remarks, but, we
are all trying to head the same direction here.
The megrok and dolmen packages are designed to help developers gaining
time on their development and therefore, they need real-world
situation to be tested and I'm sure you've got experiences to share.
We are mostly all advanced developers in the community, that means we
often cook our own solution, but, in order to propose tools for
beginners, we need to work on such packages.
Please, if you have time and energy, there are a lot of packages out
there that could need :

1. A review
3. Documentation

As a community, a common action would be very profitable. I hope to
get your input, somehow.
Thank you

- Souheil

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