[Grok-dev] LoginDemo - note or fix required

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Fri Jan 22 02:05:59 EST 2010

Hi Kathy,

Kathy Manwaring wrote:

> Having just struggled with this, could someone please at least put a note
> in the readme.txt for this entry in grokapps (and PlainLoginDemo too).
> Currently, when you easy_install grokproject, it sets up with Grok 1.0.
> BUT the default security sets up zope.Anybody with zope.View, when it
> needs to be zope.Everybody when using Grok 1.0 (as I found out eventually
> thanks to records of this mailing list...)

I think this is not the fault of any grokapp but mainly of grokproject.
I fixed this two weeks ago, but didn't release it. So easy_install still
grabs the old faulty version of grokproject.

> So please either change the site.zcml.in file in the demo app, OR at least
> put a note in the readme.txt that if you are using Grok 1.0, you need to
> change the site.zcml.in yourself.

Grok 1.0 is okay (at least I think so). The proper action might be to
release a fixed 'grokproject'. I don't know whether it is ready for
that. There were still some complaints/discussions after my last fix so
I didn't dare to release that.

> This will save anyone else from testing the demo app and having a
> mysterious 'Unauthorised' error appear. (I then wasted another day trying
> to find another demo with security included, but of course they all have
> the same code, as this works if you have the background setup correct!)

Sorry to hear that and thank you very much for the message!

As I am currently not too much into all the changes Grok has undergone
since pre-1.0: is grokproject trunk ready for release?

If I do not get any feedback until tonight (European timezone), I will
make a release then.

Best regards,


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