[Grok-dev] getting the ball rolin' again: ZTK, zope.app.* and Grok-1.2

Christian Klinger cklinger at novareto.de
Tue Sep 7 09:58:46 EDT 2010

Hello JW,

thanks for your summary.

> Hi,
> It's been somehwat quite on the Grok-development-front. I know I have
> been at least :)
> But holidays are over (in the Netherlands the weather drastically
> changed into autumn-ness...) and we could be working on great things again!
> Of course we all need to find the time and energy for this. Let me try
> to summarize the current state of things. It is a course-grained
> overview, but maybe you can help fill in the details and some kind of
> roadmap?
> * ZTK-1.0 - The ZTK-releaseteam is working towards a 1.0 release. This
> release will be the first official ZTK as a basis to work from for other
> frameworks.
> Of course Grok has been using the ZTK for quite a while now already so
> even with the release nothing will change very drastically. Still there
> are some issues that are of interest to us:
>     1) The ZTK-1.0 will have several zope.app.* package in the
>        "deprecated" list already. The goal is to move all zope.app.*
>        packages to the deprecated eventually. This aligns with our
>        work to free Grok from zope.app.*.
>     2) However, there are two zope.app.* packages that Grok depends
>        on that somehow need to be renamed or refactored into common
>        zope.* packages: zope.app.wsgi and zope.app.appsetup.
>     3) The ZTK still has several test failures that occur only on
>        Windows. If there are people that actively use Windows as
>        a development platform that are willing to help out fixing
>        these bug, the ZTK releaseteam and as a result Grok will be
>        greately helped. If you want to help out, please let me know!
> * Freeing Grok from zope.app.* dependencies. This work still needs to be
> finished. A lot of work has already gone into this and it is not the
> most fun work you could think of, but we need to finish it. Could I ask
> someone that has a somewhat clear overview of what needs to be done, to
> start a new thread about this particular topic?
> * Towards 1.2: Besides the zope.app.* work, there a number of grokcore.*
> branches and related work that needs to be merged with Grok. Again, we
> need to have a separate thread about this topic, listing the todo items,
> and hopefully people that want to work on it.
> * Bugs: launchpad lists numerous bugs that we need to work on. Plain and
> simple.

I will start working on the bugs. Martijn gives me access to launchpad.
I think i need here and there some help. I hope i see some of you on irc
the next days, to answer my questions :).

> * Features? This is of course the most interesting part! Do we have
> features planned that really should be worked on soon? I do know of the
> ambitious plan around "A new publisher".
> The discussions about this topic sound very interesting. I can imagine
> though we also have more "down to earth" features, that we would like to
> see added to Grok. Or maybe we regard Grok as somewhat complete?
> This is my course-grained overview, details and additions are highly
> appreciated. Do consider though to open separate discussion threads if
> the topic is "bigger" than just adding to the overview. This will make
> following the discussions easier.

Here are some parts of my wishlist:

   - json-rpc view
   - moving "REST views" out of grok maybe in grokcore.view or
   - Concept of "View on a View". Maybe we can discuss this. (I find it
     useful for ajax based applications.)
   - merge martian and template registry

> Kind regards, jw


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