[Grok-dev] megrok.chameleon, next steps

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Thu May 19 10:01:55 EDT 2011

Hi JW,

sorry, I replied before, but only to Souheil.

Am Donnerstag, den 19.05.2011, 15:22 +0200 schrieb Jan-Wijbrand Kolman:
> On 5/19/11 12:38 , Souheil CHELFOUH wrote:
> > genshi is no longer part of the base Chameleon2 engines.
> > That's the only reason i suspect
> Aha! Right, I see. Genshi has left the Chameleon > 2.0 building.

Yep that was the main reason. Beside this there is a megrok.genshi
package which sounds more like the correct place for Genshi support.

For megrok.chameleon I'd only want to support what Chameleon itself
supports (even if it is changing all the time).

> (As an aside: personally I'm not using Genshi, but it might be nice if 
> the reasons for not including Genshi in Chameleon anymore, would have 
> been documented somewhere, but I cannot find it.)

Sorry for the bad docs. That was due to lack of time. At least all
mentions of Genshi in the docs vanished (hopefully).

> Anyway, I amended the changelog of megrok.chameleon accordingly and I 
> think I could release megrok.chamelein 1.0-rc1 now.

Sounds great, thank you very much!

Best regards,


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