[Zope-Annce] zope worldwide drawingincode public domain release

michael bolger michael bolger" <mpbolger@earthlink.net
Tue, 20 Jun 2000 06:53:41 -0000

to the Zope Community, from beginner to expert.

drawingincode, a process development creating web based applications
generally in the knowledge engineering and bio-informatics sector.

We are asking for anyone who might be interested in participating at this
moment, specifically at this time in your respective country(or interested
to register drawingincode.your_country. You would be the "owner".
We ask that you participate in some related way that would "care" for
promoting open source idea's and concepts, especially related to provide
opportunity's/education for children in respective country's.
This is a long term "project" with no immediate "hurry", other than
registering domain :)

drawingincode will be sponsoring zope product development, most likely
thru established open_source project portals. We will announce our full
"mission statement" at our exhibition space in Monterey at the Oreilly
open source conference on July 19,2000

I michael p bolger and drawingincode.com/.net_and.org being the "owner"
(copyright 1st Quarter 1999) of the word "drawingincode"  -
"release"/establish- drawingincode to the public domain.
no_strings, url's like drawingincodenews etc. are encouraged.

I see all drawingincode's with a vision of world peace and prosperity for

Thank You
michael p bolger
northern california
6/20/2000 7 a.m.