[Zope-Annce] RFC: Zope.asn.au : Australian Zope User Group Association

Nicholas Roberts Nicholas.Roberts@SYNARCHY.NET
Mon, 06 Nov 2000 17:03:10 +1100

RFC: Zope.asn.au : Australian Zope User Group Association

hi Australian Zopistas,

I am interested in forming an Australian Zope User Group Association. i.e. 

Could those individual and organisational users of Zope let me know if they 
are keen. I really think its a good idea to push this now, I know of a few 
players (1 in Qld, 2 in Vic), but compared to the mainstream Zope is 

Some things I would like to see Zope.asn.au do would be

1. Link-up with the Python crowd, in the Universities and Industry. Some 
Python outfits are doing industrial strength business (ie CommSecure)
2. Encourage schools & uni's to teach, talk about Zope
3. Advocate Zope in the IT Market place
4. Organise an Australian Zope conference, maybe the culmination of a 6-12 
month campaign
5. Get Zope into the Australian IT media
6. Create a Job Board or some kind of Australian Zope vortal
7. Set-up a Zope.asn.au mailing list
8. Work-out a way to get more resources into Zope in Australia
9. Showcase some Australian Zope (initially Python ?) Zope success stories

please email this list or send your initial response to 

Nicholas Roberts, Webmaster/Director

Websystems Information Australia
ABN: 95 052 408 849