[Zope-Annce] Membership 1.0.0b1 let loose on the public.

Bill Anderson bill@libc.org
Tue, 17 Apr 2001 12:35:13 -0600

After long last, the first beta relase for ZMC 1.0.0 is available for 
download. You can retreive it from the download area, under the Releases 

There is not much in the way of newness for the first beta. The following 
beta will include hooks for the ZMC Manager, as well as better 
documentation. Short of bugfixes found during the 1 week beta1 stage, the 
membership code is complete.

The hooks for the ZMC Manager GUI will not affect the current code in any 
way. Upgrading the beta series (form beta1-n and from beta to 1.0) should 
not cause any failures within the system, so by all means download and 
install the betas to aid in a quality release. I anticipate no more than 
two beta releases to hamme rout current documentation and typos.

Noted Links

(note, the site is in a transition phase to the new CMF, so bear with us 
on the look (especially the colors!) of the site for  a few days, please.

Bill Anderson