[Zope-Annce] zope_messages alpha version released!

Erik Enge erik@thingamy.net
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 16:13:22 -0500


I'm glad to announce the release of zope_messages version 0.1.0 to the community!

What is zope_messages?

  zope_messages is a messaing client for Zope.  (Actually, it could be
  used without Zope in the future - but that's a different story.)
  Its architecture is intended to support many (every?) kind of
  message; nntp, imap, jabber, icq and so on.  (How good web
  interfaces are for all those messages is a different subject.)

  iMeme╣ needed a new webmail client, and Thingamy▓ too.  Hey presto!
  New project up and running before you could say "chicken pie with
  raw potatoes."  The mailing list is at http://lists.imeme.net/ -
  please feel to join, the more the merrier.

Getting zope_messages

  Since this is an alpha release, I haven't added a distribution of
  the sources on zope.org or any similar place, yet.  I expect there
  will be loads of comments and bugfixes and when I've integrated
  those (and added a couple of more nice features I'd like to get in
  there) I'll be publishing the sources.

  If you are interested in getting them now, just send me an email and
  I'll tarball it up for you.  :-)
Check out the demo

  At http://www.thingamy.com:11000/zope-messages there is an instance
  up and running just begging to be tested to death.  Go on, try it...
  I know you want to...

  username: mailtest
  password: mailtest
  Brief tutorial

    Look up the URL.  Click "New message" and fill out whatever you
    like (please do not abuse this - you can send to whom you'd like
    and the recipient would stand as myself.  Any abuse and the demo
    goes right down - I'm adding a BCC header to each message sent

    Notice that you can use Noa Harvey's Spellchecker product to
    spellcheck the messages before you ship them off.

    To the top right-hand corner of your browser window, you should
    have a dropdown box.  Select "Virtual message container" and press
    "View".  Press "IMAP account at thingamy.com"... you should now
    see the messages.  Cool, huh?


  I used Morten Petersen's WarpFramework (pick up your copy at
  http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/warp-framework) to have a lot of
  nitty gritty stuff done for me, and this has made the development of
  the product easier.

  The layout comes from the WarpFramework, and is created by Alan
  Runyan, Alexander Limi and Vidar Andersen.  Kudos!

Oh, and I thought I'd mention this: this message was sent using
zope_messages; if you check out the demo, it's right there in the

╣ http://imeme.net/http://www.thingamy.com, http://www.thingamy.net and http://www.thingamy.org