[Zope-Annce] FreeZope, Free Non-Commercial Zope Hosting

Ivo van der Wijk ivo@amaze.nl
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 13:01:46 +0100

Amaze Internet Services is happy to announce:

FreeZope, your personal Zope Environment!

At FreeZope, you can look what Zope has to offer, create a highly dynamic
personal page, or just play around and see what Zope can do for you.

Zope is a highly expandable, python based, application server with a very 
advanced through-the-web management interface, and supports many common 
protocols such as webdav, ftp, xml, sql, and many more.

At FreeZope we offer you a zope folder with userfolder under your own 
freezope.org subdomain for non-commercial use, and a number of products 
installed. These products include Squishdot, a Slashdot-alike community board, 
the Photo Folder, for all your digital images, ZUBB which adds a forum to 
your site, Zope Page Templates, Meerkat, a poll, a counter and many more. 

Please check http://www.freezope.org/information for the full list of
products available. The list of installed products is updated continuously,
and we are open for new product suggestions.

FreeZope also hosts a discussion mailinglist, where you can ask for help
and discuss away with other developers, a public forum for discussion and
even an IRC server for online chatting with fellow Zopistas!

The Discussion archives can be found at:
The Forum is located at:
http://www.freezope.org/forum/ (Or click 'Forum' on the main page.)
The IRC server can be reached at:

Note that the IRC server is a standalone server and not connected to any
IRC network.

Head over to http://www.freezope.org/ now and register yourself today!

The FreeZope team!

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