[Zope-Annce] Zync Release 1.0 -- The Zope File System Synchronization Utility

Olaf Wagner wagner at pint.elegosoft.com
Thu Aug 7 19:45:33 EDT 2003

elego Software Solutions GmbH is pleased to announce the first public
release of Zync.

Zync is a Zope Product that allows export of objects from the Zope DB 
to a traditional file system and vice versa, including conversion of 
all attributes and meta data.

Zync is well-suited to use an external version control system together 
with Zope, and to implement staging concepts using multiple Zope servers. 

Zync is a low-cost commercial product, and is offered at reduced price
for non-commercial, non-profit projects. There are plans to use Zync
as the base for the integration of commercial version control systems
into the Zope architecture.

For more information about Zync, including functional description, 
on-line demo, and download, please refer to


Olaf Wagner
elego Software Solutions GmbH
Ohmstrasse 9
10179 Berlin

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