[Zope-Annce] [ANN] CMFCollectorNG 0.20alpha1 released

Andreas Jung andreas@andreas-jung.com
Sun, 12 Jan 2003 11:01:02 +0100

I am pleased to announce the release of CMFCollectorNG 0.20 alpha 1.

CMFCollectorNG is a Zope/CMF-based bugtracking system (based on

Major features of CMFCollectorNG:

    * major code cleanup and complete new skins
    * very generic to add new ticket properties to a tracker
    * enhanced tracker configuration through the web
    * extend usage of the CMF memberdata tool to store user informations 
and user preferences
    * rewritten transcript to keep issue related informations in an 
abstract format to produce different output (HTML, plain text for email 
    * tickets can have references to other tickets (also across 
CMFCollectorNG instances)
    * dedicated views for uploaded files and references to other tickets
    * better roles management:
          o TrackerAdmins manage the tracker
          o Supporters can file tickets, create followups, upload files, 
add references to other tickets
          o Reporters can file new tickets and upload files and references
    * XML export (to be used with XMLRPC)
    * watchlist/monitoring functionality
    * Plone compatibility (90% done)
    * much more minor improvements (too much to mention them :-) )

Changes in 0.20:

    * translated UI to english (many thanks to Helge Tesdal)
    * reworked SearchableText() implementation
    * added Watchlist (authenticated members can "subscribe" to a ticket 
and receive notifications)
    * added selection window for ticket references
    * fixed Python 2.2 compatibility issue
    * added introspection support for issue properties
    * fixed several MSIE 5.5/6.0 Javascript compatibility issues
    * assigned supporters have now permission to edit the tickets they are 
assigned to
    * new popup calendar (no longer crashes Mozilla)
    * the last search inside a tracker is now stored inside the users 
session object (Zope sessions support must be available and enabled)
    * refactored XML support
    * re-added full support for confidential tickets
    * using "main_template" instead of "collector_template"
    * bugfixes...

This release introduces an English UI (release 0.10 was in German only). 
more i18n integration work need to be done but full core functionality is
available. The German UI is *not supported* in this alpha 1 release. Full
i18n integration is planned for the first beta coming hopefully very soon.

Project page:




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