[Zope-Annce] NeoPortal Library 0.9a3 released

Wankyu Choi wankyu@neoqst.com
Mon, 13 Jan 2003 05:08:50 +0900

I'm pleased to announce that NeoPortal Library 0.9a3 has been released.

This new version fixes a number of bugs and adds a new module for quota

* changed (2003/01/11): NeoPortal Content cache is back in full swing; =
optimized and content rendering is even faster

* changed (2003/01/11): NeoPortal Content can embed objects by path:

* changed (2003/01/11): 'checkNeoPortalContentReviewStatus()' moved to
'NeoPortalBaseItems' from 'NeoPortalRatableContent'

* created (2003/01/11): 'NeoPortalQuotaContainer' and
'NeoPortalQuotaAwareObject' added for Quota Supports

* changed (2003/01/10): Most of the internal exception messages i18n'd

* fixed bug (Collector #66 - 2003/01/10): NeoPortal Structured Text =
now correctly renders headings (indentation levels)

* fixed bug (Collector #65 - 2003/01/08): NeoPortal Structured Text =
now correctly renders href's and img notations

* created (2003/01/03): 'isNeoPortalManager' added in =

This version fixes most of the notable bugs in **NeoBoard 1.1b2** and
**NeoPortal Content Pak 0.9a2**. Note that NeoPortal Library is the base =
which NeoBoard and NeoPortal Content Pak operate. Even if your NeoBoard =
NeoPortal Content Pak remains the same, for example, you may upgrade =
features by upgrading your NeoPortal Library product.

You may also download the latest versions of all NeoPortal products from
CVS: visit =
and read the instructions. NeoPortal products are updated on a daily =
It is highly recommended you download them from the CVS.

- Home: "http://www.zoper.net":http://www.zoper.net

- Downloads: =

Enjoy!  (8)

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