[Zope-Annce] ZODB 3.2 release candidate 1

Jeremy Hylton jeremy at zope.com
Wed Oct 1 23:26:15 EDT 2003

We are happy to announce that ZODB 3.2 release candidate 1 has been
released.  You can find it at the usual place:

This release contains a few bug fixes since the ZODB 3.2b3 release last
week.  If no major bugs are found in the release candidate, we will make
the final release next week with identical code.  If there are bugs, we
will do another release candidate next week.

What is ZODB? It is the Zope Object Database. It provides an
object-oriented database for Python that provides a high-degree of
transparency. Applications can take advantage of object database
features with few, if any, changes to application logic.  ZODB includes
features such as a pluggable storage interface, rich transaction
support, and undo.

ZODB 3.2 has a number of new features and improvements over ZODB 3.1:
  - improve performance and stability of ZEO
  - new ZEO authentication protocol
  - new configuration language, ZConfig, for databases, storages,
    and ZEO servers
  - many bug fixes
  - improved documentation
  - new daemon tools

The most recent changes from the NEWS.txt file are included below.

-- Jeremy Hylton <http://www.python.org/~jeremy/>

What's new in ZODB3 3.2 release candidate 1
Release date: 01-Oct-2003

Added a summary to the Doc directory.  There are several new documents
in the 3.2 release, including "Using zdctl and zdrun to manage server
processes" and "Running a ZEO Server HOWTO."

Fixed ZEO's protocol negotiation mechanism so that a client ZODB 3.1
can talk to a ZODB 3.2 server.

Fixed a memory leak in the ZEO server.  The server was leaking a few
KB of memory per connection.

Fixed a memory leak in the ZODB object cache (cPickleCache).  The
cache did not release two references to its Connection, causing a
large cycle of objects to leak when a database was closed.

Fixed a bug in the ZEO code that caused it to leak socket objects on
Windows.  Specifically, fix the trigger mechanism so that both sockets
created for a trigger are closed.

Fixed a bug in the ZEO storage server that caused it to leave temp
files behind.  The CommitLog class contains a temp file, but it was
not closing the file.

Changed the order of setuid() and setgid() calls in zdrun, so that
setgid() is called first.

Added a timeout to the ZEO test suite that prevents hangs.  The test
suite creates ZEO servers with randomly assigned ports.  If the port
happens to be in use, the test suite would hang because the ZEO client
would never stop trying to connect.  The fix will cause the test to
fail after a minute, but should prevent the test runner from hanging.

The logging package was updated to include the latest version of the
logging package from Python CVS.  Note that this package is only
installed for Python 2.2.  In later versions of Python, it is
available in the Python standard library.

The ZEO1 directory was removed from the source distribution.  ZEO1 is
not supported, and we never intended to include it in the release.

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