[Zope-Annce] New product: Tumatxa, for Translation Memory handling

Luistxo Fernandez luistxo at eibar.org
Fri Jan 16 05:00:55 EST 2004

Tumatxa 0.1 has been released. It is a new Zope product.

Tumatxa is a web-based manager of translation memories (TMX, .po). It has 
been designed to aid in the process of translation. It lets translators and 
institutions that manage big volumes of translated text manage memories, 
terminology and translations on a web-based environment, overcoming 
restrictions posed by generators of Translation Memories.

Memories stored at Tumatxa can be consulted (to clear terminology doubts, 
for instance) without specific TM software, just making online searches. 
Several memories can be packed to download as a file, also.

Check the website to download the product, and try the demos.

     * Homepage: www.tumatxa.com

When you install the product, any instance of Tumatxa that you create on 
your Zope installation is a full website in itself.

--- What are translation memories?

Translation Memory or TM is a technology widely used in professional 
translation and localization (unlike machine translation). The idea is 
simple, units or sentences from the original text and its translation are 
stored aligned into a database. When the system happens to find the same 
sentence (or a similar one), it would propose the previous translation.

These are some of the most popular TM software programmes: Trados, Déjàvu, 
Wordfast, Transit, edo Translat. The standard for memory exchange among 
those applications is called TMX. Tumatxa handles TMX, and also the .po 
files of GNU Gettext.
Technical info

Tumatxa runs currently only on Linux OS. You need Zope 2.6 or later, and 
these additional Zope products:

     * BTreeFolder2
     * TextIndexNG2
     * Localizer, which lets the product, as well as the website 
Tumatxa.com, to be truly multilingual

Tumatxa has been created by CodeSyntax - http://www.codesyntax.com/en/

Luistxo Fernandez
LFernandez at codesyntax.com - 652 750 362

CodeSyntax - <http://www.codesyntax.com/>http://www.codesyntax.com/
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