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Julien Anguenot anguenot at nuxeo.com
Mon May 16 20:38:44 EDT 2005

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Paris, 16 May 2005

Dear Zope community,

On behalf of Nuxeo, I'm pleased to announce that the Zope3 / ECM project
is launched !

The main goal of this project is to build the next-generation Open
Source ECM Platform on top of Zope3 able to compete with the major
ECM solutions on the market such as Documentum, OpenText, etc...

It's been discussed seriously since last year's Castle sprint, and
some events occurred such as the Zope3 / ECM sprint [1]_ in March in
Paris this year where people from the major Zope2 CMS projects were
represented.  (Plone, Silva, CPS and Zope Corporation people were
there) showing everybody's interests in working together on a common
project as a first commitment in this effort.

.. [1]_

We believe the first iteration for such a project is to :

 - discuss together and share our respective experiences
 - come up with an architecture that everybody feels good with
 - write specifications
 - validate the specifications.

For now we set up :

 1. a mailing list [2]_

 2. the project's resources repository.  All interested parties are
   welcome / expected to subscribe to the mailing-list and join the
   portal.  The website will soon (in next 2 days) contains
   documentation about some collaboration rules (that will be
   discussed on the mailing- list). For now, it contains a few
   document like some braindumps about the global infrastructure and
   some arcticles. [3]_

 3. Repository with the existing component started during last sprint
    plus some new ones [4]_

.. _[2] http://lists.nuxeo.com/mailman/listinfo/z3lab
.. _[3] http://www.z3lab.org
.. _[4] http://svn.nuxeo.org/trac/pub/browser/z3lab/

The project started under the name of z3lab.

What is z3lab ?

Z3Lab aims at building a strong community leveraging the experiences
of both individuals and companies that are involved in the Zope ECM/
CMS market nowadays to create the best ECM platform on the market and
offer high-value professional services to customers.

ECM Platform

The project's main goals are :

 - to unify the whole Zope/CMS-involved community to drastically reduce
   waste of resources (doing twice or more equivalent components /

 - to spread Zope3 technology on the market by providing a world class
   ECM Platform with companies providing consulting worldwide and backing
   the project.

Open issues :

They are still some open issues that needs to be discussed and fixed :

 - For the moment, Nuxeo is hosting alpha code in its repository but
   this is not intended to be definitive. We just need to agree on a
   place where to put the code.  codespeak.net is an option that will
   be considered seriously. If you want to take part of the discussion
   you may join the z3lab mailing list. But please, do not make it the
   main point of the discussion. There is a lot of work to do even
   before writing a useful single line of code (design / architecture specs
   for example).

 - Licensing : we consider using the ZPL.  Same as above. We would
   really like to avoid all sterile flamewars :-) We have time to
   discuss these point *zenly*

 - Copyright Assignment. Until now the copyright assignment is on
   the contributor.

Though, all the tools we need to start working are in place now and
available on _[3].

To help the project bootstrap, 2 core developers of Nuxeo (Florent
and Me) are staffed full-time on this project.

On of the short term goal is to present some of the components to our
community at EP this year.

All the community has been waiting for a Zope3 based ECM far too long.
It's the right time to move on *together*.

Get involved now ! :)

Best regards,

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