[Zope-Annce] Zope Foundation draft docs available for review/comment

Rob Page rob.page at zope.com
Mon Nov 28 13:30:34 EST 2005

Hello everyone:

We have published a draft set of formation documents
for the Zope Foundation.  A zip file of the complete
set of docs is available online at:

o http://tinyurl.com/7crf8

The next steps in the process are:

o Community review, comment, incorporate feedback
   cycle(s) (one or two?)

o Submit final drafts to the Software Freedom Law
   Center (SFLC) for iteration/editing/polishing

o Form the Foundation!  :^)

Please participate in the review and comment period.
You can do so via IRC and/or email.

   o IRC: We have scheduled the following IRCs to
          discuss the docs in real time:

          Who: Zope Community
          What: IRC to discuss Zope Foundation formation
          Where:  #zope on irc.freenode.net

          When:  #1:  Fri, Dec 9, 730a - 9a (US/EST)
                 #2:  Tue, Dec 20, 730a - 830a (US/EST)

                 US/EST is GMT-5.

   o Email: We've also created a mailing list for
            Foundation-related topics.  This list is
            available at:


Please subscribe to this list for email-based
discussions of the foundation.

We would like to thank the formation review committee
for their careful work reading, reviewing and
commenting on the drafts up to this point.

o Takeshi Yamamoto, CEO, Zope Japan KK
o Jan Smith, OzZope
o Jean-Marc Orliaguet, Chalmers University/CPSSkins
o Kit Blake, CEO, Infrae
o Christian Theune, CEO, Gocept and DZUG
o Eric Barroca, Managing Partner, Nuxeo
o Hadar Pedhazur, Chairman, Zope Corp
o Rob Page, CEO, Zope Corp
o Rajesh Setty, Chairman, Cignex
o Dan Ravicher, Legal Director, Software Freedom Law
o Karen Sandler, Counsel, Software Freedom Law Center

Finally, Kit Blake and Jan Smith have been kind enough
to volunteer to work on a FAQ.  We will work to get
this public in the near future.  Special thanks to them
- I imagine their FAQ work will increase somewhat for
the next couple of weeks.  :^)


Rob Page               V: 540 361 1710
Zope Corporation       F: 703 995 0412

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