[Zope-Annce] Five Zope Foundation projects accepted to the Google Summer of Code!

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Tue Apr 22 07:31:33 EDT 2008

Hi there,

I'm happy to announce that five student projects were accepted to the
Google Summer of Code this year. It looked dark for a while with only
2 projects assigned at first, but luckily that changed. Thank you,

You can find an overview of the accepted projects here:


Welcome Ranjith, Dirceu, Charith! Also welcome again to Uli and Luciano!

In addition, Georgy Berdyshev submitted a project to the Python
Software Foundation (under the Jython sub-banner) to port Zope 3
components to Jython. This is being mentored by Frank Wierzbicki, a
lead developer of Jython. We should do our best to back up this very
important project:


We also cannot forget our sister organization, the Plone Foundation,
which also had 5 projects accepted. Some of the work done in these
projects will doubtlessly feed back into Zope as well:


In particular, the component registry introspector project by Martin
Lundwall has already seen coordination with Uli's introspector
project, so we're off to a good start in working together.

Unfortunately we had a limited amount of slots and more worthwhile
proposals than we should allocate, so there were worthwhile projects
we had to reject. I'd like to thank the students who submitted them
for their work. I hope that this won't discourage you from Zope.
Hopefully we will see you around, and please do try again next year if
you'd like!

Thanks also to the mentors for all your feedback so far. Now the
*real* work will start. I'd like to thank Aroldo especially for his
tireless help in preparing us all for the Summer of Code. He worked
hard to get all the administrative details worked out.

Soon I will write a followup message to the gsoc at zope.org list
(mentors, students, you are all subscribed, aren't you?) with some
guidelines for how we'd like to conduct our projects this year.


Martijn, mentor coordinator

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