[Zope-CMF] buidling skin namespaces with folders

Janko Hauser janko at need-brain.de
Sat Dec 6 15:22:33 EST 2003


we want to have a stronger separation of templates in the skin
machinerie. To do that, we put them into subdirectories in the
filesystem, which are not directly mapped in the skin-layer.

To get such a template we use 

   self._context.ucimage.image_view, 'defaultView')

Problem with this approach is, that image_view is called with ucimage
as parent and not the actual object. We can put the obj into the
template as a parameter, but it would be better to let "here" in the
template be the actual obj and not the skinfolder "ucimage".

I tried to get the template with aq_base and set it with 

template.__of__(obj), but this gives permissions and context problems.
I can provide more info to these problems if there is interest.

Later on we want to introduce a controller, but he also needs to solve
the same problem.

Any ideas?


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