[Zope-CMF] buidling skin namespaces with folders

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sun Dec 7 13:04:52 EST 2003

Janko Hauser wrote at 2003-12-6 21:22 +0100:
>we want to have a stronger separation of templates in the skin
>machinerie. To do that, we put them into subdirectories in the
>filesystem, which are not directly mapped in the skin-layer.
>To get such a template we use 
>   self._context.ucimage.image_view, 'defaultView')

The skins machinery does not support this use case...
Do not try!

> ...
>Later on we want to introduce a controller, but he also needs to solve
>the same problem.
Go this route right away.

When you use your controller in this way:


then the controller can save its parent and ensure (by acquisition
rebindung) that the template is called with the correct object
as "here".


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