[Zope-CMF] scriptable type information and workflow

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Mon Dec 8 14:47:30 EST 2003

Sune Brøndum Wøller wrote at 2003-12-8 17:07 +0100:
>I have defined an STI, (based on Document)
>and removed it from any workflows (currently
>using dc-workflow).
>The STI add script adds a document.
>I followed the todo :
>but i use invokeFactory instead:
>  container.invokeFactory('Document', id)
>  ob = getattr(container, id)

But, this requests the creation of a "Document" instance and
not of your new type instance...

>When looking at the workflows-tab in the zmi
>it says correctly that the object does not belong
>to a workflow, but
>when adding objects of this type, the security
>settings are set just as if it was under workflow.

Which would not be surprising for "Document" objects...


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