[Zope-DB] Re: firebird/interbase storage problem

W. Robert Kellock sales@creditscore.co.nz
Tue, 14 May 2002 14:57:19 +1200

> I'm kind of reluctant to put everything into the ZODB until I know enough
> make sure I can get it out again.  I think there are many other ways in
> one could make use of

ZODB File storage is very stable (I've never had any problems with it unlike
other databases I've used which sooner or later corrupt). However all
updates and inserts are ALWAYS appended to the end of the file so it grows
quickly and needs regular compaction.
> Of course, if I find that the perfomance degrades markedly, then I don't
> I'll be using anything but ZODB...

It does by a factor of three or more.  I evaluated InterbaseStorage using
gvibDA some time ago.  It stores everything in text blobs (to do so it must
translate from binary to ascii for all database activity which is a huge hit
on performance) so any kind of searching is very slow.

> Anyway, I hope someone can give me some pointers with this...
IMHO the way to use Zope is as a three tier app. The browser is the client,
the file storage holds the business rules and the relational database the
data. This way the file storage is static once you have completed your
development and you do not have to convince management that it is OK to
store their valuable data in a database that they have never heard of. It
also means that if the need arises the data can be accessed by other systems
external to Zope. And finally, because the relational database uses SQL, if
you need to, you can port the data to another back end.
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